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The Order of Nine Angles (ONA) o9a one of the worlds most secretive organisations. ONA021 the Largest nexion within the o9a with associates in many Continents our Philosophy is unique due to its mythos from Hermetism, Antinomian ,Islamic, Cabalist doctrines. Humanity has lived through five such Aeons, each with an associated civilization: the Primal, Hyperborean, Sumerian, Hellenic, Western
Founded by David Myatt, Order of Nine Angles has grown in size in a way that member cells can be found on all continents and have a considerable presence in the occult area of the internet and beyond.  Although the beliefs, principles and practices are reminiscent of the dark medieval and even preroman cults, ONA today embraces contemporary technology in spreading its philosophy. Having the fundamental ideas of pathei-mathos (‘searching through adversity’), ONA is unique due to the fact that it offers aggressive and elitist spirituality, which pushes its members to find and surpass their mental, physical and psychological limits in search of spiritual ascension. Simultaneously with the very tough challenges of mental and athletic order, ONA also recognizes a pantheon of ‘dark gods’, together with an esoteric system meant to introduce the initiate to the acausal or the supernatural world of the mystic. Indeed, if the ONA mysticism is transgressive, the same applies to its politics because the Order challenges its members to exceed not only their personal limitations, but also the social and ethical ones, empathy being our ultimate goal. By doing so, creating an internal
alchemical transformation hence new individuals against the
oppression of man- made egotistical tyranny, and living by the Code of kindred Honour. 

We empathize with people of all races and do not judge

our associates by colour or creed, male or female.

Starting from NEXION ZERO up to the NEXION ONA021 which is the largest o9a Nexion, 021 takes it name from the first nexion created Nexion Zero and Nexion 21, and combined to ONA021.
        NX21 (3)
The Largest Cell in ONA021 is Nexion21 (NX21) which is our International Cell which controls all other ONA021 cells worldwide The other 240 Associates of ONA021 are now divided into 28 cells + and consist of 5-10 Associates in each Cell.

 021 Cells operate in the following:

Europe ( Lille, Paris, London, Sofia, Bistrita, Srbica, Delcevo, Moscow)

 Middle East (Kobane, Ain Beida, Asyut, Beit Shemesh, Misrata)

Asia( Peshawar, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kobe, Sinuiju)

United States ( Los Angeles, Detroit, New York City, Miami, Tampa, Houston)

Latin America ( Mexico City, La Paz, Medellin, San Paulo)

We also have some 2000-3000 o9a/ONA021 Affiliates worldwide based in United States, UK, China, Italy ,Cameroon, Brazil ,Poland ,Iceland ,Canada, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Colombia, Australia ,Sweden ,Greece ,Hungary ,Belgium ,Norway ,Montenegro, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Israel, European Union, Thailand, Spain, Peru, Kuwait ,Egypt, Ecuador ,Honduras, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Indonesia, India, UAE.


Do we use social media ?

Our international organisation uses no form of social media, any social media created on ONA021, are either sympathizer's or enemies.

Are you the largest o9a Nexion?

Yes by far we are the largest o9a Nexion operating internationally, due to are diverse network of Associates we operate in many countries. Please see 021 Cells

What kind of Organisation are you?

We are a international esoteric/occult organisation based on following the teachings of the o9a, and the only international nexion. Enemies often refer to us as a highly dangerous satanic cult, but we do not look at ourselves as satanists or our organisation as a satanic cult. 021 is a highly structured international occult organisation. Due to regular questions we are asked are we a white supremacists, if you read our locations where we operate you will see we are a diverse occult organisation, we have people in practically most countries. As we have some beliefs in national socialism, we do not follow any one political ideology, we are sure there are organisations that promote white supremacist ideologies, as we are the only international nexion of the o9a. Other peoples belief systems o9a or otherwise, have nothing to do with our secretive organisation or belief system. Our Occult ideology covers, Satanism/Luciferianism, Islam, and some ancient original christianity and Cabala texts, following of insight roles, and a number of other doctrines of the o9a.

This is considered by all members before they even become associated with us.

People call us a relatively new ONA Nexion, if this is what people wish to call us, why not. The Order of Nine Angles Ideology has been around since the 1960s, and so ONA021 has created the only International Nexion,  and kept focus around david myatt's ideology and to follow his doctrines right up to the Numinious Way. This explains why we have International membership rather than National Membership. 
Why 021 numerology?

021 is a very powerful number in occult numerology of which it takes it name from the following

Nexion Zero (Alpha) created by David Myatt & Nexion 21 (Omega)

meaning of 0 symbolizes the potential of latent ideas, not yet expressed but exist in a virtual way waiting only a divine intervention to exist the nothing and to emerge in the creation, symbol of the beginning, the plan of realizations, perfect number expressing the totality therefore the universe. a symbol of unity and eternity.

meaning of 21

Magic square of 21:
5 12 4
6 7 8
10 2 9

Number representing the maturity and the responsibility for an individual. It expresses also the notion of chief

The number 21 is a deeply symbolic number that ultimately brings together the cosmic creation of the 20 within the individual – the one this represents the 21 cells in our International Organisation. Essentially the 21 is the manifestation resulting from previous actions and represents the first stage within a life cycle is complete. Number of the perfection by excellence, 3 x 7, according to the Bible. Symbol representing the unknown superiors or the great spiritual Masters of the humanity, Represent the harmony of the creation, union of Trinity, It is the numbered representation of God and the Temple.The Imperium,The number of destruction ,universal termination

What is the largest Cell in ONA021?

Remembering ONA021 is split into 21 Cells and spread throughout the world, so sizes can change all the time, but the ruling cell in our international organisation is Nexion 21. and has 21 Associates in it, the other 28 cells consist of around no more than 10 associates in each of the 28 cells. In china, the organisation is growing rapidly, including Latin America and the Middle East. But still (NX21), remains and will remain the ruling cell, this is for a number of reasons. We consider all other o9a followers across the world as associated with us, even if we have some differences, and for this reason can claim to be ONA021, should they choose. But our main organisation is now divided into 28 cells, and as we mentioned in the above NEXION 21, is the controlling cell over all the other the International Cells that create this International Nexion of the o9a.

What kind of Members make up ONA021?

We have a unique membership of people from all kinds of backgrounds, this includes male and female, based in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, United States, Latin America, Asia, Middle East. Types of members we have are working/non working individuals (Worldwide), Entrepreneurs (Worldwide), Ex Miltary (Eastern Europe, Latin America including Ex Farc/m19/ELN) Law Inforcement (Western Europe, United States, Asia) Intelligence (Western Europe, United States, Asia). We have all kinds of people that make up this elite international organisation.

Do we discriminate people? 

By no means we judge others, we often tell all our associates retaliating is not a good outcome for our members, that only this should be used as a last resort, and that weak mundanes stares, bad words, against us should be overlooked unless causes physical harm, and people not living the code of kindred honour should be considered with caution, due to there weak egotistical mentality that only comes naturally to them as they do not know any different and that, the masses as we know are weak mundanes should be taken lightly and pose no real threat overall.

Our view on Felons?

As we are a international occult organisation, we rarely give views on felons, but due to questions we are asked, we are against most felons in general. It is up to governments, to take a zero-tolerance to certain members of society, and if guilty after sentence then should be watched depending on the crime. This deters the individual from possibly committing this action again, it also requires, that felons are put into a completely different insight role, away from what was there past insight role that made them become a felon from inception. Some will never change, so this is why in certain countries in the world the death penalty is implemented.

Our view on Politics?

The magian forces, are here to serve one type of group of people that is the magian forces. This has resulted to political corruption on a global scale, Where governments have become disorganised in dealing with corruption. As much of the corruption is created at the very top of society, Governments are answering to Business, rather than Business answering to Governments, in this kind of environment society cannot reach its fall potential. For this very reason we, rarely comment on politics, due to the change is not required by the masses but the magian forces. Whilst the magian forces take advantage of there power, and serve the magians forces, why would they ever want this change? This becomes more and more obvious in society when supporting a new elected leader.

"S     E     M    P    E    R       P    A    R    A    T    U    S"














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  1. How does one from the other side living in the world contact such an organization, if anything, then out of Curiosity


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